Hair cut $25-$100

Blow dry $45-$80

Updoes $100-$150

Did you view your hair as a living, breathing part of yourself? Yes, hair, of course, can be considered a fashionable statement or accessory of a stylish outfit.

However, the hair is really much bigger!

In determining what is a good haircut, it is necessary to take into account many factors. Important attributes that should be considered include the shape of the face, the texture of the hair, the growth pattern, the silkiness and, more importantly, the lifestyle. Although it is interesting to look at pictures of hairstyles, especially if you are a visual person, it is also important to know if a particular hairstyle will suit you. Do you have the same face shape and hair texture as in the photo?

Good haircut starts with a good consultation!


Think of your haircut as the foundation on

which your style will stand.

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